Our hedgehogs


Unfortunately Henry passed away in November 2013 after a short illness. Father of Ripley, Cuddles and Luma, Henry was head of the hedgehog household! He enjoyed cuddles, mealworms, bathing, and spending time with Darwin. As with all of our hedgehogs, Henry was registered with the UK African Pygmy Hedgheog Registry.


Our second male Thomas is a very lucky boy – he has not one, but TWO girlfriends! Other than spending time with Cuddles and Ripley, he loves running on his wheel, and causing mayhem.


A petite chocolate snowflake, Darwin was our sweetest natured hog. She was paired with Henry, whom she iwa fond of … sometimes.  She has had one litter of four,  two litters of three and one of two. She was a great mother, and was also excellent with human children. We were devastated to lose her after a battle with liver failure earlier this year.


Cuddles is our chief scallywag! Like her sister Ripley, she is now just over one year old. She likes nothing more than having a snuggle with her humans.


Like her dad Henry, Ripley is a chocolate chip, and enjoys mealworms, and stealing a couple of slurps from a nice cup of tea, when she gets the chance! As you can see from the photo, she is quite the poser, and has a friendly disposition.


Luma is the newest edition to Edinburgh Hedgehogs’ clan. Named after a Super Mario Galaxy character, she is fun loving and very friendly – she particularly likes to meet children!  Pastimes include eating, eating, and EATING!


Misty was one of a kind! A rescue hedgehog, she came to us in February 2011, when her previous owner could no longer look after her. She absolutely loved the smell of cooking from the kitchen, and her favourite food was cheese! Sadly Misty passed away due to heat stroke during the heatwave in July 2013.


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28 11 2011
Not soft play: rocks and spikes | starcatchersforgottenforests

[…] Then on Friday we had a visit from Cuddles. Cuddles is an African Pygmy Hedgehog owned by Laura Moss. Laura got in touch when we put a call out for volunteers and offered to facilitate hedgehog visits in the forest for us. How could we refuse? Friday was a gentle trial and Cuddles seemed to enjoy meeting the children (and they loved meeting her) so we have arranged a few more dates: 11am-12pm Tuesday 6th December, 1pm-2pm Sunday 18th December and 2-3pm on Monday 2nd January. Laura was able to answer lots of questions about Cuddles who we discovered eats dry cat food and likes to curl up behind the books on the shelf for a nap. It was very inspiring to meet a real hedgehog, I don’t think I have ever actually seen one before and she was so characterful, it was just like something out of a Beatrix Potter illustration. Laura also writes a blog all about her hedgehogs with some great pictures: https://edinburghhedgehogs.wordpress.com/about […]

10 12 2011

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