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Due to the recent loss of Henry and Darwin we will not be opening up a waiting list for 2014, any litters born to Ripley, Cuddles or Luma will be advertised here once they arrive.

We have been in touch with everyone already signed up to our 2013 waiting list and they will taking their hoglets home in 2014.

Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. 

All of our hoglets are priced at £150, with a non-refundable £35 deposit required at the time of reservation. All hoglets come with bedding, food, a full information pack, as well as an after-care service. If you would like to see a copy of our handbook before collection, or for any other information, please email us.

Our Policies

Warranty: All babies come with a lifetime warranty against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS). A replacement baby or a full refund will be given should your hedgehog die from WHS provided that a necropsy is done by a licensed veterinarian with documentation stating the cause of death was WHS. Please note that Edinburgh Hedgehogs is not responsible or liable for any veterinarian bills.

Registration: All hoglets will come with a registration certificate from the UK African Pygmy Hedgehog Registry.

Payment: All babies are priced at £150, regardless of variety, color, pattern or sex. In order to be added to our waiting list, Edinburgh Hedgehogs requires a £35 deposit, which can be made payable by cheque, postal order, or BACS. All deposits are non refundable. Amount payable upon collection is £115, in cash, at which point, a receipt for the full £150 will be issued.

Returns: If you cannot keep your hedgehog for any reason, we request that it be returned to Edinburgh Hedgehogs. We will always accept a hedgehog back and ensure that it has a loving home.


I recently bought my beautiful hedgehog Zazu from Rebecca Curtis and Laura Moss. Their service was fantastic and I was always able to get in touch and they would answer any queries I had. They have great knowledge about pygmy hedgehogs and made sure I understood everything before I took Zazu, I was also given a book with more details in it. I have been in touch after getting Zazu and Rebecca and Laura are always happy to help me with anything I may be worried about. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to buy a pygmy hedgehog.

Lynne Tykacyk, Dundee

When looking for hoglets that were available, we came upon Edinburgh Hedgehogs website, from which I promptly received a reply to my enquiry. I could have been concerned dealing with people who I had never met; however, the service received has been excellent. Bramble is a fit and energetic little hedgehog, who is a delight to handle because of Laura and Rebecca’s careful care and attention. They are a wealth of knowledge who encourage you to contact them if you have any worries or concerns. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is interested in owning one of these fascinating creatures.

Mandy Davies, Scottish Borders

Edinburgh Hegdehog’s integrity is outstanding – they clearly love their pogs.

Elizabeth Hatch Reichert (African Pygmy Hedgehog breeder), Florida


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